Bold Brain Ventures, LP 506(c) Investor Portal - Focusing on Radiologists

"The world market for artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning in medical imaging is set for a period of robust growth and is forecast to top $2 billion by 2023."

-Simon Harris,

AI Medical

Bold Brain Ventures is the first and only fund to focus on radiologists as key investors. Radiologists typically qualify as accredited investors due to their income levels or net worth.

Bold Brain Ventures also welcomes active participation from radiologists who are interested in providing their expertise. Healthcare AI companies are seeking input from practicing radiologists so that they can better develop solutions and obtain critical feedback for their technologies. Guidance from radiologists could also increase the likelihood of success for AI companies and the potential for lucrative returns for investors.

Involving radiologists in responsible AI development is instrumental to society. Additionally, radiologist engagement in this process should positively impact patient care and the professional community of radiologists.

In addition to investing in the fund, there are other mechanisms for radiologists to get involved:

  • assist in recommending and evaluating potential AI companies for investment
  • provide insight to AI companies in regard to product/market fit
  • contribute iterative feedback in product development with AI companies
  • help AI companies obtain or annotate relevant data
  • assess whether existing AI algorithms are accurate and consistent
  • advise AI companies as they navigate complex hospital and practice environments

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